Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Second informal speaker series event with Professor Ebert this Tuesday 11/12

iBEAF is excited to announce the second event in our informal speaker series, where we will be bringing in Brandeis University and IBS faculty members interested in behavioral economics and finance to talk about anything and everything to do with the subject. The first meeting was a smashing success all around, so we are delighted to be continuing the series. The informal nature of these meetings means they will evolve based on your questions and areas of interest. The faculty member is interested in talking about what you wish to hear about.

Next up on our schedule is Professor Jane Ebert, Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Brandeis International Business School. She is also affiliated with the Department of Psychology.

Her specializations include Consumer judgment and decision-making, affect and emotion,
temporal discounting, and health promotion.

Her research examines in what ways people are (and can be) motivated by future concerns versus more immediate concerns. In one line of research she examines people’s pursuit of and focus on future rewards and goals. This includes understanding the motivation of rewards or goals that occur in the future (such as future monetary rewards or health goals), examining the impact of attention to future goals in challenging circumstances (such as the impact of maintaining a future focus for CEO successors in financially distressed firms), and exploring novel approaches to motivate consumers (such as identifying optimal times for interventions to change health behaviors). In a second line of research, on hedonic prediction, she examines when and why people mispredict their future feelings, and so may be mistaken about their future desires or goals. Her research has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Management Science, and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Ph.D. and M.A. in Social Psychology from Harvard University.

B.A. in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

Her list of published works include, but is not limited to:

Ebert, J.E.J. "The surprisingly low motivational power of future rewards: Comparing conventional money-based measures of discounting with motivation-based measures." Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 111. (2010): 71-92.

Ebert, J.E.J., Gilbert, D.T., & Wilson, T.D. "Forecasting and backcasting: Predicting the impact of events on the future." Journal of Consumer Research 36. (2009): 353-366.

Cole, C.A., Laurent, G., Drolet, A, Ebert, J.E.J., Gutchess, A., Lambert-Pandraud, R., Mullet, E., Norton, M.I., Peters, E. "Decision Making and Brand Choice by Older Consumers." Marketing Letters 19. (2008): 355-365.

Ebert, J.E.J., & Prelec, D. "The fragility of time: Time-insensitivity and valuation of the near and far future." Management Science 53. (2007): 1423-1438.
Gilbert, D., & Ebert, J.E.J. "Decisions and revisions: The affective forecasting of changeable outcomes." Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 82. (2002): 503-514.

Ebert, J.E.J. "The role of cognitive resources in the valuation of near and far future events." Acta Psychologica 108. (2001): 155-71.

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